For lovers of light and fruity rosés

Brut 100% Pinot Noir. Fruity and delicate champagne, with well-established aromas of red fruits. It is perfect with white meat and will be particularly appreciated as an aperitif with its fruity character. Because of its aromas, it can be perfectly paired with a red fruit dessert. Copper orange body. The nose, ripe, hints at red fruit and jammy plum flesh. The mouth displays fullness, sweetness, with the same very ripe fruity taste.


  • Rewarded 3 stars in the "Dussert-Gerbet" guide
  • Gold medal in the Gilbert and Gaillard 2017 guide
  • Gold medal in mondial du rosé 2019
Sold in a 6-bottle case Frais de port compris. Shipping included.

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